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  • The Baby-sitters club Graphic Novel Bk. 5The Baby-sitters club Graphic Novel Bk. 5. Dawn and the Impossible Three

    Galligan, Gale.

    As a new member of the Baby-sitters Club, Dawn tries to win the acceptance of the club's president by tackling a tough babysitting job.

  • Dog Man : Bk. 3Dog Man : Bk. 3 : a tale of two kitties

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author, illustrator.

    Dog Man, the newest hero from the creator of Captain Underpants, hasn't always been a paws-itive addition to the police force. While he can muzzle miscreants, he tends to leave a slick of slobber in his wake! This time, Petey the cat's dragged in a tiny bit of trouble--a double in the form of a super-cute kitten. Dog Man will have to work twice as hard to bust these furballs and remain top dog!.

  • Lumberjanes. Bk. 3Lumberjanes. Bk. 3. A Terrible Plan

    Stevenson, Noelle.

    "Trying to take advantage of the first quiet day at camp on a while, Mal and Molly's date takes a bizarre turn with the appearance of the bear woman! Back at camp Jo, April, and Ripley must stay on their toes as they try to earn every badge possible which ends up being a lot harder than any of them ever planned."--Back cover.

  • Dog man / Bk. 1Dog man / Bk. 1

    Pilkey, Dav.

    There's a new breed of justice in town ... Dog Man.

  • Mix it up!Mix it up!

    Tullet, Hervé, author, illustrator.

    Using no special effects other than the reader's imagination, simple directions lead the reader to experiment with mixing and changing colors on the printed page.

  • SistersSisters

    Telgemeier, Raina.

  • SistersSisters

    Telgemeier, Raina.

  • I'm a frog!I'm a frog!

    Willems, Mo.

    Piggie introduces his reluctant friend, Gerald the elephant, to the wonderful world of pretend.

  • PilotPilot. Paper Airplanes

    Harbo, Christopher L.

    Photographs, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions explain how to make a variety of traditional and original paper airplanes.

  • Juliet the valentine fairyJuliet the valentine fairy

    Meadows, Daisy.

    Jack Frost and his goblins have stolen the magical objects that make Valentine's Day so special. Now sweethearts are sad, and friends and families are fighting! Even Rachel and Kirsty aren't getting along. When Juliet the Valentine Fairy asks the girls for help, they can't say no.

  • The black book of buried secretsThe black book of buried secrets

    Kass, Mallory.

    A guide to the characters and situations in "The 39 Clues" outlines the Cahills' secrets, including hidden facts, strategies, agents, lost founders, secret bases, and scandals, as well as information about all branches of the family.

  • GhostopolisGhostopolis

    TenNapel, Doug.

    When he is accidentally transported to the spirit world by a washed-out ghost wrangler, Garth Hale discovers that the world's evil ruler wants his unique powers, so he teams up with some unlikely allies to find a way home.

  • Skeleton Creek Book 2Skeleton Creek Book 2 / Ghost in the Machine

    Carman, Patrick.

    Ryan, who records all of his findings in his journal, and Sarah, who uses her video camera to document everything, continue to search for answers surrounding the strange occurrences in their hometown of Skeleton Creek.

  • Diary of a wimpy kid 2Diary of a wimpy kid 2 : Rodrick rules

    Kinney, Jeff.

    Greg Heffley tells about his summer vacation and his attempts to steer clear of trouble when he returns to middle school and tries to keep his older brother Rodrick from telling everyone about Greg's most humiliating experience of the summer.

  • Diary of a wimpy kid 2Diary of a wimpy kid 2 : Rodrick rules

    Kinney, Jeff.

    Greg Heffley tells about his summer vacation and his attempts to steer clear of trouble when he returns to middle school and tries to keep his older brother Rodrick from telling everyone about Greg's most humiliating experience of the summer.

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IB Inquirer

  • Asking questions and finding solutionsAsking questions and finding solutions

    Flynn, Riley.

    Simple text and photographs introduce the importance of asking questions, making observations, and finding solutions.

  • One plastic bagOne plastic bag : Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of the Gambia

    Paul, Miranda.

    Isatou Ceesay finds a way to recycle discarded plastic bags that have accumulated in dirty heaps in her Gambian village.

  • I am Albert EinsteinI am Albert Einstein

    Meltzer, Brad.

  • The right wordThe right word : Roget and his thesaurus

    Bryant, Jennifer.

  • On a beam of lightOn a beam of light : a story of Albert Einstein

    Berne, Jennifer, author.

    A boy rides a bicycle down a dusty road. But in his mind, he envisions himself traveling at a speed beyond imagining, on a beam of light. This brilliant mind will one day offer up some of the most revolutionary ideas ever conceived. Full color.

  • Papa's mechanical fishPapa's mechanical fish

    Fleming, Candace.

    In the summer of 1851, with encouragement and ideas provided by his family, an inventor builds a working submarine and takes his family for a ride. Includes notes about Lodner Phillips, the real inventor on whom the story is based.

  • Wait! wait!Wait! wait!

    Nakawaki, Hatsue, 1974-

    A young child learns that although creatures that appear can also disappear, parents will always be there.

  • The boy who harnessed the windThe boy who harnessed the wind

    Kamkwamba, William, 1987-

    "When 14-year-old William Kamkwamba's Malawi village was hit by a drought in 2001, everyone's crops began to fail. His family didn't have enough money for food, let alone school, so William spent his days in the library. He came across a book on windmills and figured out how to build a windmill that could bring electricity to his village. Everyone thought he was crazy but William persevered and managed to create a functioning windmill out of junkyard scraps. Several years later he figured out how to use the windmill for irrigation purposes"--

  • Me--- JaneMe--- Jane

    McDonnell, Patrick, 1956-

    Holding her stuffed toy chimpanzee, young Jane Goodall observes nature, reads Tarzan books, and dreams of living in Africa and helping animals.

  • Press herePress here

    Tullet, Hervé.

    Instructs the reader on how to interact with the illustrations to manipulate yellow, blue, and red dots.

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IB Confidence

  • One green appleOne green apple

    Bunting, Eve, 1928-

    While on a school field trip to an orchard to make cider, a young immigrant named Farah gains self-confidence when the green apple she picks perfectly complements the other students' red apples.

  • The DotThe Dot

    Reynolds, Peter H.

    Contains three inspirational stories, including the title work in which Vashti, upset because she believes she cannot draw, creates an angry dot that becomes a big hit at the school art show.

  • Daisy comes homeDaisy comes home

    Brett, Jan, 1949-

    Daisy, an unhappy hen in China, floats down the river in a basket and has an adventure.

  • IshIsh

    Reynolds, Peter, 1961-

    Ramon loses confidence in his ability to draw, but his sister gives him a new perspective on things.

  • Wemberly worriedWemberly worried

    Henkes, Kevin.

    A mouse named Wemberly, who worries about everything, finds that she has a whole list of things to worry about when she faces the first day of nursery school.

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