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New in Library

  • Fox family adventuresFox family adventures

    Kalman, Bobbie.

    Follows the lives of a family of red foxes, describing their life cycle, habitat, how foxes communicate, what they eat, and more, includes activities.

  • Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass : the lion who wrote history

    Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-2014.

    Presents the life and accomplishments of Frederick Douglass, a self-educated slave in the South who grew up to become a leader in the abolitionist movement, a celebrated writer, an esteemed speaker, and a social reformer.

  • TennesseeTennessee

    Ollhoff, Jim, 1959-

    Describes the geography, history, and industry of Tennessee, as well as other facts about the state.

  • They all saw a catThey all saw a cat

    Wenzel, Brendan.

    In simple, rhythmic prose and stylized pictures, a cat walks through the world, and all the other creatures see and acknowledge the cat.

  • John GreenJohn Green : star author, vlogbrother, and nerdfighter

    Braun, Eric, 1971-

    Presents the personal life and professional career of John Green, the author of Fault in our stars and co-founder of the YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers with his brother, Hank Green.

  • Look inside a robin's nestLook inside a robin's nest

    Peterson, Megan Cooley.

    Explores a robin's nest how it is built using tree branches and as a home for their young.

  • Fastest animalsFastest animals

    Murray, Julie, 1969-

    Describes several animals known for their speed, covering their lifestyle, habitat, and unique qualities.

  • President Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump

    Mattern, Joanne, 1963- author.

    Profiles the forty-fifth president of the United States, covering his childhood, his education, his family, his careers as a real estate mogul and television star, and his election.

  • Magic showMagic show

    Loh-Hagan, Virginia.

    Guides students as they conceive and set up their own magic show for their friends and community with easy-to-follow lists.

  • Moon risingMoon rising

    Sutherland, Tui, 1978-

    When Moonwatcher, a young NightWing with secret powers, begins school at the academy started by the dragonets of destiny after the end of the war, she soon realizes that someone is attacking the students. Moon must choose whether to help or continue to hide her gifts.

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Popular Titles

  • Dog Man unleashedDog Man unleashed

    Pilkey, Dav.

    Dog Man, a crimefighter with the head of a police dog and the body of a policeman, faces off against his archnemesis Petey the cat.

  • Serafina and the black cloakSerafina and the black cloak

    Beatty, Robert, 1963-

    In 1899, a twelve-year-old rat catcher on North Carolina's Biltmore estate teams up with the estate owner's young nephew to battle a great evil and, in the process, unlocks the puzzle of her past.

  • Book ScavengerBook Scavenger

    Chambliss Bertman, Jennifer.

    Just after twelve-year-old Emily and her family move to San Francisco, she teams up with new friend James to follow clues in an odd book they find, hoping to figure out its secrets before the men who attacked Emily's hero, publisher Garrison Griswold, solve the mystery or come after the friends.

  • Unusual chickens for the exceptional poultry farmerUnusual chickens for the exceptional poultry farmer

    Jones, Kelly (Kelly Anne), 1976-

    Through a series of letters, Sophie Brown, age twelve, tells of her family's move to her Great Uncle Jim's farm, where she begins taking care of some unusual chickens with help from neighbors and friends.

  • Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-LotCaptain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot : the twelfth epic novel

    Pilkey, Dav.

    George and Harold and their doubles, Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold, have been taking turns going to school, but when the doubles fall prey to their gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, and his method of mind control that turns students into attentive, obedient, perfect children, it is up to original George and Harold to strike back.

  • Roller girlRoller girl

    Jamieson, Victoria.

    A graphic novel adventure about a girl who discovers roller derby right as she and her best friend are growing apart.

  • Sunny side upSunny side up

    Holm, Jennifer L.

    A semi-autobiographical tale by the award-winning sister-brother team behind the Babymouse series follows the lives of kids whose older brother's delinquent behavior has thrown their family into chaos.

  • Fire and iceFire and ice

    Hale, Shannon.

    Four children have discovered that they have spirit animals, a rare bond between human and animal that has launched them on a quest to save their world. The team heads to the cold north to a quiet village where not everything is as it seems.

  • SistersSisters

    Telgemeier, Raina.

    In graphic novel format, Raina Telgemeier shares the story of her relationship with her younger sister.

  • Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mecha-monkeys from MarsRicky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mecha-monkeys from Mars

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-

    A small mouse and his best friend, a giant flying robot, attempt to save the Earth when an evil Martian monkey and his mechanical creations attack.

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