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  • What's your sound, Hound the hound?What's your sound, Hound the hound?

    Willems, Mo.

    Cat the cat's animal friends make many different sounds.

  • We are in a book!We are in a book!

    Willems, Mo.

    Piggie realizes that she and Gerald the elephant are in a book and that she can make the reader say words, but when Gerald comes to understand the danger of the book ending, Piggie comes up with a solution to get the reader to keep reading.

  • Watch me throw the ball!Watch me throw the ball!

    Willems, Mo.

    Gerald gets serious about teaching Piggie to throw a ball, but Piggie, as usual, just wants to have fun.

  • Today I will fly!Today I will fly!

    Willems, Mo.

    While Piggie is determined to fly, Elephant is skeptical, but when Piggie gets a little help from others, amazing things happen.

  • Time to sleep Sheep the Sheep!Time to sleep Sheep the Sheep!

    Willems, Mo.

    Cat the Cat rounds up her animal friends when it is time to go to sleep--except for Owl.

  • There is a bird on your head!There is a bird on your head!

    Willems, Mo.

    Opposite best friends Gerald, who is careful and worrisome, and Piggie, who is clumsy and carefree, run into a problem when two birds land on Gerald's head.

  • Sun & SpoonSun & Spoon

    Henkes, Kevin.

    After the death of his grandmother, ten-year-old Spoon observes the changes in his grandfather and tries to find the perfect artifact to preserve his memories of her.

  • So happy!So happy!

    Henkes, Kevin.

    The lives of a bored little boy, a lost rabbit, and a magic seed happily intersect once the rain begins.

  • Sheila Rae, the braveSheila Rae, the brave

    Henkes, Kevin.

    When brave Sheila Rae, who usually looks out for her sister Louise, becomes lost and scared one day, Louise comes to the rescue.

  • Pigs make me sneeze!Pigs make me sneeze!

    Willems, Mo.

    Gerald, a cautious and pessimistic elephant, believes he is allergic to his best friend, the optimistic and occasionally reckless Piggie, and is concerned that he will need to stay away from his pal forever.

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Popular Titles

  • Big Nate lives it upBig Nate lives it up

    Peirce, Lincoln.

    "As his school's centennial is coming up, Big Nate is stuck showing the dorky new kid around"--Provided by publisher.

  • Judy MoodyJudy Moody : Mood Martian

    McDonald, Megan.

    When it is "Backward Day," Judy must turn her usual sour mood upside down and be happy and nice for a change.

  • Big Nate in the zoneBig Nate in the zone

    Peirce, Lincoln.

    Sixth-grader and self-proclaimed genius Nate Wright's bad luck has turned around and suddenly he can do no wrong.

  • SistersSisters

    Telgemeier, Raina.

    In graphic novel format, Raina Telgemeier shares the story of her relationship with her younger sister.

  • EmeraldaliciousEmeraldalicious

    Kann, Victoria.

    Recycling magic turns a garbage-filled park into a "greentastic" garden.

  • Eat like a bearEat like a bear

    Sayre, April Pulley.

    Follows a bear from the time she emerges from her den in April after four months without food, through months of eating fish, ants, and huckleberries, to midwinter when the arrival of two cubs interrupts her long winter's rest. Includes facts about brown (grizzly) bears of the Yellowstone National Park/Glacier National Park region.

  • Indy car racingIndy car racing

    Polydoros, Lori, 1968-

    "Describes Indy cars and Indy car racing, including safety features and rules governing Indy car races"--Provided by publisher.

  • The Indianapolis ColtsThe Indianapolis Colts

    Stewart, Mark, 1960 July 7-

    "A revised Team Spirit Football edition featuring the Indianapolis Colts that chronicles the history and accomplishments of the team. Includes access to the Team Spirit website which provides additional information and photos"--Provided by publisher.

  • Volcanoes!Volcanoes!

    Gray-Wilburn, Renee.

    "In graphic novel format, text and illustrations explain how volcanoes erupt, how they are studied, and how to stay safe during an eruption"-- Provided by publisher.

  • Katie the kitten fairyKatie the kitten fairy

    Meadows, Daisy.

    When Katie's kitten is missing, her fairy friends help her find it.

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