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  • This side of homeThis side of home

    Renee Watson.

    Maya younger and her identical twin sister, Nikki, have always agreed on the important things. Friends. Boys. School. They even plann to attend the same historically African Amereican collage. But nothing can always remain the same. As their Portland neighborhood goes from rought -and-tumble to up-and-coming, Maya feels her connection to Nikki and their community slipping away. Nikki spends more time at trendy coffe shops than backyard barbecues, and their new high school pjrincipal is more comitted to erasing the neighborhood's "ghetto" reputation than honoring its history. Home doesn't feel like homoe anymore. As Maya struggles to hold on to her black heritage, she begins to wonder with whom -or where- she belongs. Does growing up have to mean growing apart? In a captivating comin-of-age story, Renee Watson explores the experiences of young African Americans in a changing world.

  • AdriftAdrift

    Griffin, Paul, 1966-, author.

    A series of impulsive decisions and a surprise storm leaves five teens lost at sea, with few means of survival. As days pass, they hope for rescue - and tensions quickly mount.

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