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Freshman : tales of 9th grade obsessions, revelations, and other nonsense

Review by Ryan King on May 20, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Coming of Age, Graphic Novel

Are you a freshman worrying about the upcoming horrors of high school and need a graphic novel to help you understand what you can expect? Or an upper classmen wanting to look back and laugh at your first year in high school? Well look no further because you’ve found just the book. Corrine Mucha’s graphic novel follows a string of characters and their different experiences in their freshman year. First, there’s Annie, the main protagonist who is worried because her older brother told her that the choices she makes her first year will determine the rest of her life. There’s also Annie’s friend, Richie,who has known Annie since kindergarten. Annie is fearful of her first year because she wants to make sure that she starts her high school career on the right foot. Things don’t start out to well when one of her best friends, Beth, goes through a period of black makeup and black clothes. Luckily, she makes a friend on her field hockey team, Katrina. She also becomes friends with Katrina’s cute brother, Luke. In winter, Annie is invited to audition for the school musical. She is surprised to see that Luke is also in the musical. She’s also surprised to find that she is not the only one that is interested in Luke. Veronica is playing the same part as Annie in the musical and always puts Annie down with hurtful comments about her looks and acting skills. She soon goes into a depressed state and has a hard time getting up for school each morning. To find out how the school year ends for Annie, read Freshman: Tales of 9 th grade obsessions, revelations, and other nonsense.