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Gone girl : a novel

Review by Noura Ahmed on May 24, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Romance

One summer afternoon one the day of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne comes home to find his front door open and his wife Amy missing. Their living room is wrecked like there’s been a struggle. Nick calls the police, but he can’t stop thinking it’s always the husband. Nick’s wife Amy is amazing. Amy always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. On their wedding anniversaries Amy always makes a treasure hunt for Nick, he always falls sort and can never complete the treasure hunt. But this year is different. Amy set up the treasure hunt before she went missing. This year on their fifth anniversary is uncharacteristically easy, which leads Nick on an adventure to discover maybe his Amy isn’t so amazing.
The first half of the book is narrated by Nick as he deals with the police and media, and Amy in her diary as she falls in love with Nick. In the present Nick’s progressing through Amy’s treasure hunt. With every passing day more and more evidence is piling up against Nick. Amy’s diary entries revile a Nick totally different than the one he seems to be. In Amy’s diary Nick appears to be abusive, dominating and like he’s taking advantage of Amy. Every chapter will have you wondering. Who should I believe?
Based on the Mississippi river in Missouri. With two unreliable narrators, readers will be on the edge of their seating trying to figure out who’s lying. Although “Gone Girl” isn’t the most action packed thriller it will keep readers guessing. This book would be great for anyone who loves thrillers or romance. Nick and Amy’s tumultuous marriage although exaggerated and murderous has problems everyone can relate too.