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Black-eyed Suzie

Review by Eliza Sarcona on May 23, 2016

Categories: Fiction

Twelve year old Suize is not your ordinary girl, she struggles with her inner demons and her make believe box in her head which cause her to fall into an eating disorder. Seeking only to be "good enough" suzie shuts down and stays silent for hours on end. She begins to wonder if she has lost her words. Her box is her safe zone when things around her just get too complicated. Her mother’s worry spirals out of control leading to Suzie’s being placed in a psychiatric hospital. Suzies mother struggles with her drinking problem and violent outbursts to her husband and children. These outburst leads to suzie dropping further in to the depths of her darkness.
Will Suzies learn to overcome her mental instability or will she have to stick in the hospital forever? Read this book to follow Suzies on her twist and turns of her hospital experience