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Review by Kaila Day on May 23, 2016

Categories: Fiction

E. L. Doctorow's fictional tale of intermixing lives in the Jazz Age is not one to be missed. He combines the perspective of hopeful immigrants, aspiring musicians and explorers, and the privileged wealthy of the 1920's. If you like period dramas, you'll love this book. The story follows a family comprised of Father, Mother, Mother's Younger Brother, Grandfather, and the Boy. They are a wealthy white family who gets pulled into the racial struggle between Coalhouse Walker, brilliant African American Ragtime musician and fire chief Will Conklin when Mother takes in Coalhouse's girlfriend Sarah Brown and her child. Throw in Tateh and his little girl, hopeful immigrants who soon find America isn't what they hoped it would be, and the story complicates even more. But through out the struggles of the changing times in America, the story has a pure and hopeful heart, that tells of a day where everyone will be able to pursue their dream in America.