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A confederacy of dunces

Review by Xiel on May 22, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Humor

A confederacy of dunces, a novel by the late John Kennedy Toole, is perhaps the funniest pulitzer prize winning book ever written. The picaresque novel focuses on Ignatius J. Reilly, a 30 year old living with his mother in New Orleans. Ignatius is a slacker; a pretentious, snobby, deadbeat slacker. He spends his time writing down his thoughts, which will later be compiled into his book. The novel follows Ignatius as he maneuvers through a variety of unique situations including getting, and keeping a job.

Being a picaresque novel, A Confederacy of Dunces has no real plot, and focuses more on the various escapades of Ignatius. Because of this, there is no central conflict, no climax or final resolution, but the novel is certainly not lacking. With every chapter the reader is left wondering what Ignatius will do next, and how he will do it.

The novel, although acclaimed now, was not always so well known. John Kennedy Toole tried and tried to get his books published, but all were rejected. He later committed suicide. After his death, his mother worked tirelessly to get his book published, and finally did. The novel quickly rose to the top, and not long after won the pulitzer prize.

A confederacy of dunces is a novel that everyone should read. It is extremely funny and well written. Any fan of comedy and comedic literature is sure to enjoy this book.