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Warrior of the light : a manual

Review by Isaiah Farmer on May 20, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Realistic Fiction

The Manual of the Warrior of Light was written by Paulo Coehlo and makes for a perfect companion of his previous book, The Alchemist, by matching it in tone and style. Both books offer a unique glimpse into the world by viewing life as a series of lessons and tests instead of as just a series of days. Neither book ever identifies any date in time because time is made irrelevant since the teachings within the books are universal and timeless. Coehlo uses The Manual of the Warrior of Light to follow up The Alchemist and he furthers it by almost eliminating the part of a story and replaces it with endless life-teachings. Paulo Coehlo uses his unique writing style to encompass an enormous scope of ideas and he doesn’t miss a beat in doing so. He cast a net over an idea so big that it’s timeless and universal; he captures life as a whole. For example; “Every Warrior of Light has felt afraid before going into battle,” and this is how he starts off a page before talking more in depth about the matter. He tackles the good and the bad; with honesty, realism, and optimism, all at once. The way he reveals life’s tragedy and fortune is profoundly unique in his latest book because he just writes lessons on every single page, not encrypted through a story, but rather plainly and descriptive. His lessons stand true and hold their own value in the words their written in, no story is needed because they are simply understood but rarely put to use. This book is an eye-opener and one that could be worth a great deal to those who need more enlightening than others, it could change a life. The ideas are big enough to alter a life and help it turn in the “right” direction. This book is worth the read for anyone because it’s quick and easy to get through along with providing many useful messages for readers. It can enlighten anyone who wishes to be enlightened.