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SAS Survival Guide. For any climate, in any situation

Review by Xiel on May 20, 2016

Categories: Non-fiction

The SAS Survival Handbook, by former survival instructor for Britain's SAS (Special Air Service), John Wiseman, contains a variety of important information crucial to surviving a disaster scenario, all in a pocket sized book. It provides basic information about what to do in different disaster situations as well as general information regarding survival in the outdoors.

The book is arranged as such:
Climate & Terrain
Camp Craft
Reading the signs
On the move
Survival at sea
Urban Survival

The book starts out with more basic, generalized information and then goes into more specialized and advanced things later on. The first chapter, titled “essentials” gives all of the basic info needed to get the reader off their feet. The book provides detailed drawings which are instrumental in showing things that just words can't. It gives pictures for identifying edible plants as well as pictures showing different shelters.

With other books, you may feel wary blindly following its advice. With the SAS Survival Handbook, all the information comes from a reputable source. The author, John Wiseman, has many years as a survival instructor for the SAS, so you know you are learning from the best.

However, just owning this book isn’t everything; it is crucial to read the book before you need it, so you have a better idea of what to do and also know your way around the book better. Even reading, while helpful, isn't enough. Many of the skills require practice in order to be able repeatedly and accurately reproduce results.

The SAS Survival Guide is a helpful book by itself, but is even more useful when paired with field guides for edible plants as well as for medicine, as those topics are much too vast to all fit in a miniature book such as this one. However, even by itself this book is an invaluable resource for campers, hikers and the like.