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Hopeless : a Hopeless novel #1l

Review by Jenny Patel on May 20, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Realistic Fiction

“Hidden truth are unspoken lies.”

Sky is now a senior and going to public school because she was homeschooled. Dean Holder, a senior in same school as Sky. He is popular and known by many. When they meet they instantly felt connection, like they have known each other for years, but what if they in reality have known each other since childhood but now they just don’t recognise each other. Sky’s memories start to come back after meeting Dean. He sparks the light to the ugly past that Sky has buried deep within her memory. So she feels uneasy with him so she tries to stray away from him. When they start hanging out they both started to figure out that their past is mingled together. Though at first they both try to hide their own ugly truth it reveals itself.
Through the journey of revealing their past they started to fall in love and learn that they only have each other to support. Dean and Sky soon find out that Sky’s mother isn’t really her mother and she was kidnapped when she was small because of her father. Her father was a cruel man and she soon discovers that her mother was his sister. Whatever she had in her grasp soon started to fall apart. She soon starts to realise that her whole life was a lie but finds that the truth is more ugly than the lie she was feeded. Will they both accept the truth? Are they truly ready to hear the truth? Is Sky willing to forgive her mother after finding out truth? Is she ready to forgive Dean? Will Sky and Dean forgive and forget so they can move on with their life?