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The bunker diary

Review by Sydney Craig on May 20, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery

There are six rooms. Six rooms, six cups, six plates; six of everything. This is confusing, because there is only one Linnus. Linnus, an average british street rat wakes up on the floor of an underground bunker with no memory of how he got there. Suddenly he remembers being chloroformed and kidnapped by a strange man. Shortly after, a little girl, Jenny, appears in the lift in the bunker. This is when Linnus realizes that there is six of everything, because there will be six people total. He also realizes that there are cameras and microphones in every room; including the bathroom. Eventually all six people arrive. There is Linnus, Jenny, Anja (a smartly dressed woman in her twenties), Fred (a drug addict), Bird (a middle aged businessman), and Russell (a terminally ill old man). They start to refer to their captor as “The Man Upstairs”, and meet together every meeting to devise escape plans. Every time an escape is attempted though, they are punished. Will these six ever make it out? Or will they be stuck in the bunker under the control of the man upstairs forever? Pick up The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks to find out the answers to these questions and more.