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Hopeless : a Hopeless novel #1l

Review by Ashlan Johnson on May 19, 2016

Categories: Fiction

Hopeless is the story of Sky, a senior in high school, who meets Dean Holder, a boy with a wild reputation that challenges her own. Sky isn’t like most high school girls, she’s secluded, yet everyone knows about her. All her life she’s been homeschooled by her foster mom, but her senior year of high school, she decides she wants to try public school, help with her getting into college. Her mom agrees. When she goes to the store one day, she begins checking out when the cashier calls to a boy behind her, “Hey, holder. When did you get back?” Sky turns around about that time and catches her first glimpse at Holder, and was mesmerized. She left after that moment. She did everything she could to stay away from him, but somehow he kept showing up. It seemed like they fought more than anything, he was confused about so many things and so was she. He wasn’t the person he thought she was, but then again she was. There’s so many secrets he’s keeping from her, but she has the right to know, he just doesn’t know how to tell her. He knows once she finds out, it’ll ruin her whole world and make her whole life a complicated mess.
This book is honestly crazy. There’s love, fear, laughter, secrets, and romance all in one. Highly recommended to any reader, because it’s so great. It’ll make people laugh, and cry, and think “Wow, glad that’s not my life”.