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We love you, Charlie Freeman : a novel

Review by Libby Taylor on May 19, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Humor, Romance

We Love You, Charlie Freeman, a vividly written fictional novel by Kaitlyn Greenidge, is about an all black family: Charlotte, Callie, and their parents, and they have been invited to a research experiment, at The Toneybee Institute for Ape Research. They live in an all white community in Massachusetts, in the year of 1990, and the experiment is that they live in an apartment with a chimpanzee, named Charlie. The main reason for the experiment was the fact that the family knows sign language and were to teach it to Charlie. An interesting plot aspect is the fact that the chapters are written from different perspectives from the members of the Freeman family to a thirty-six-year-old unmarried, orphaned, Black schoolteacher named Nymphadora. Conflicts arise when the Freeman family become aware of the history of the Toneybee Institute. Besides the fact that this novel is in fact an African-American based novel it also includes race, sexuality, tension and much more that makes it interesting to read.There’s lots to discuss about race, microaggressions, stereotypes, sexism, sexuality, and so much more. This book is recommended for anyone who is interested in reading about a fictional story fulfilled with humor, race and culture, and language and communication all in one.