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Blue plate special

Review by Sophie Yates on May 19, 2016

Categories: Fiction

Michelle Kwasney’s novel Blue Plate Special is a compelling drama that follows the lives of three girls in three different generations. The novel switches narration between the three alternating voices of the girls. Kwasney’s novel is about complicated relationships, love and abuse, understanding and forgiveness, and growing up. All the girls are authentic and each story explores single motherhood, body obsession, and the quest for love. The Blue Plate Special can be liked by anyone but will be especially appreciated by teenage girls. Its realistic qualities and hardships make it much more personal for the reader. Although the novel discusses some hard to read topics, readers will not want to put it down.
The novel ends with a big twist, that unless you were paying close attention, you won’t see coming! Blue plate Special is the right book to read for a good fast read that will leave readers with life lessons and inspiration. This book makes it easy to fall in love and emphasize with the characters, readers will find themselves putting their selves in the characters shoes. Readers will not be disappointed, it is truly one of the best books I have read in a while.