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Finding Cinderella : A Hopeless Novella, #2.5

Review by Chloe Scales on May 16, 2016

Categories: Fiction

When a girl stumbles upon eighteen year old Daniel in a dark school closet. They start talking and they agree to pretend that they are in love with each other. But their love can only last an hour. When the hour is up she tells Daniel that they won’t be meeting and she leaves as if she is Cinderella. Daniel is confused and wants to see her again, but it’s too late. He has to keep telling himself that was a “fake” love and it wasn’t real. It was just someone from a closet that he just met. A year later after meeting the mystery girl, he meets a girl named Six he instantly feels a connection with her. She is different from the girls he has dated and he likes it. Daniel is convinced that love might be real after being around Six. Then that changes after Daniel finds out secrets from Six, he is crushed and thinks that finding love is different then what he thought. Daniel has to really think about what Six has told him, and that might even threaten their future together. The book Finding Cinderella will have readers pulled in the whole time. Yes, the book is predictable but there are some things that will be a complete shock. The book could be called a modern fairytale, but personally it’s not that “realistic”. People don’t actually stumble upon one another in a closet and decide that they are going to pretend that they are in love. The things that happen in the book could happen in reality, but that would be rare. This book is recommended to people that like love stories, and also to people that would like to hear a messed up love story. This would be a perfect book for a reader that is interested in those things, because this book has all of it. In the end Daniel will realize that finding Cinderella might not mean a happy ending.