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Don't look back

Review by Stephanie Gano on April 4, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Coming of Age

Amnesia is the partial or total loss of memory. Having to deal with that, school and boys. Plus being accused of a best friend’s murder. That is the life Samantha has to deal with when she is found wandering down a road in the country. In the novel Don’t Look Back, Sam must recover her memory…or is it better she doesn’t remember?
Sam used to have the perfect life. A giant house, rich parents, the perfect romance, and popularity to name a few. However, that world is completely closed off to her once she is found wandering the road. She has been missing for almost a week and does not remember anything, including her own name. Her parents are relieved to say the least, and everyone else is unsettled by her change in attitude.
Samantha was the queen of the school, though not a nice one. She was feared by everyone. She was basically Regina George from Mean Girls, complete with her entourage of minions who were just as cruel. However, now she has the chance to change that. When she goes back to school, she is kind to people and utterly repulsed by her friends behavior. And to top it off, her boyfriend Del keeps lying to her about their “perfect relationship”. Sadly though, her best friend is still missing, and Samantha can’t remember anything of what happened to either of them.
Rumors start swirling that she was the one to kill Cassie. Rumor had it she was faking the total amnesia. Sam was determined to find the truth, and hopefully closure to her past life. On the first day she is back home, Sammy gets a note under her pillow. On the yellow page, in a child’s handwriting, the note says, “Don’t look back. You won’t like what you find.” This throws her into an upside down world. A “shadow man” starts to follow her, though he seems to be a memory. She sees her best friend dead, following her around from time to time. Everyone at school is calling her “Insanity Sam”, and they may be right. She can’t tell memory from reality. On the other hand, she can’t stop looking for the truth.
On top of all of this, she is falling hard for her childhood friend, Carson. She can’t help but feel bad about Del, her boyfriend, but being with Carson felt right. He made her feel butterflies and smile and feel normal, something she was lacking otherwise.
In this chilling thriller and heartwarming romance combination, Don’t Look Back, will keep readers guessing on the past while keeping readers enthralled with the present. The perfect blend of two different genres, anyone who enjoys murder mysteries, romance or a story that just seems different, this book is the perfect fit.