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Bad feminist : essays

Review by EMMA G CANNON on April 2, 2016

Categories: Non-fiction

Roxane Gay’s collection of essays may come across first as a proclamation of her superiority to other feminists purely based on the title, “Bad Feminist”. One might ask themselves, “Is she referring to the other, ‘good’ feminists and saying that perhaps she’s somehow better because she’s more witty/funny/has something more insightful to say?” Cast all such thoughts aside, because the book is not a personal reflection on Gay’s own level of feminism but rather on the imperfections of society and how people’s views in general tend to be flawed. Her most important proclamation of the book is that "These essays are political and they are personal. They are, like feminism, flawed, but they come from a genuine place." Gay employs humor throughout the book to keep readers hooked on her words. One might use this book to broaden their perspective on feminism, taking more and more factors into account. Anyone that has enough patience to make it through a book of essays and is passionate about feminism (or even someone who just wants to learn more about it) should give this book a read.