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Sauron defeated : the end of the third age (the history of the Lord of the rings, part four). The Notion Club papers, and, The drowning of Anadûn

Review by Theo Merback on April 1, 2016

Categories: Fantasy

Following the immense success that was the Lord of the Rings trilogy, fans everywhere wondered what happened after the Third Age? Sauron Defeated, is in fact that answer. Its absolutly packed with information, however some of the information may seem arbitrary to certain people who are looking for a little more resolve. What the book does is that for a good portion of it, it examines the events that took place right at the very end of the trilogy. Examining the scene where the ring is finally thrown into Mount Doom, and everything after. Some readers and fans of the books might find this very monotonous, it feels like its covering old ground and its not quite grounded in any nuance. However Tolkein does succeed in making it more interesting, he adds facts from other bits of his literature into the passages he is divulging. So it does keep the passages alive however despite the tidbits of information, there is still a feeling recovering the same tracks. However later on in the book that is when things start to get a little more intersting, he starts to go further into what happened and still keeps the little nuggets of nuance which made the first part of the book nice and juicy. The book most certainly finds its pace when its in this section, however it is shame that it took so long for it to manifest, within the book. This book, as it can be very well-crafted and intersting at times, can also feel like a history book for a world teeming with fantastical and amazing things. For somebody who wants a deep and percise study on the book, this might just be the book for you! However if you a casual reader who is not as deeply saturated into the bones of Tolkien lore, then it might be an idea to just pass on it.