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Insurgent : a Divergent novel #2

Review by Jenna Dedek on April 1, 2016

Categories: Fiction

Tris Prior, a sixteen year old girl in dystopian Chicago, is faced with the nearly insurmountable task of overthrowing her society’s current corrupted government. Over the past few months, everything in Tris’s life has changed: she went from being a selfless Abnegation girl to abandoning her family in favor of joining the brave faction, Dauntless. On top of this enormous lifestyle change, Tris discovers that she is considered divergent, something that she is told to keep secret at all costs; as well, Tris has fallen for a seemingly dangerous boy, Four. Now, Tris is in the midst of waging war against those she has come to know and love, and has seen many of her loved ones be murdered for her cause.
In her second book of the Divergent Series, Insurgent, Veronica Roth successfully continues to enchant her readers with Beatrice Prior’s addicting story. Roth’s message concerning the drastic effects that our choices have on not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us. In this series, she as well proves time and time again that the right choice is often not considered the easy choice. Roth incorporates excellent supporting characters in her novel, including Tris’s new boyfriend, Four, Tris’s deceitful brother, Caleb, and the cruel leader of the Erudite faction, Jeanine Matthews.
This novel is a perfect choice for fans of the recently popular dystopian genre! However, reading this book without reading the first novel of the series, Divergent, will likely result in confusion. As well, some supporters of The Hunger Games Series claim that this series is merely another, lesser version of Suzanne Collins’ immensely popular storyline. Other than that, this book is great for anyone ranging from teenagers to middle aged citizens. It is full of just enough plot twists and action to keep the reader interested, but not so much that the reader will experience confusion. Plus, there is the added bonus of being able to experience the story on television, since it was made into a movie! Undoubtedly, there are some critics of the movie, as is typical with films based upon novels, due to the wonderful property that is common in works of literature which allows for people to create varying interpretations of a piece. For the most part, however, the film is well-liked by a diverse audience.