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The infinite sea : a Fifth Wave novel, #2

Review by Abby Cannon on April 1, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Science Fiction, Romance

The sequel of a book is usually a little bit less exciting than the first book, but The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey is the perfect continuation to an amazing story and exactly what I was hoping for. Much like The 5th Wave, The infinite Sea switches perspectives throughout the book. Differently though, there are more character perspectives shown than just the two central main characters. This gives the reader a more broad understanding of the creative and interesting situation of an alien invasion and how it affected every character in the book. It makes the reader feel like it could even have been them and their family going through all of the loss the characters go through. In the book, the escaping soldiers from Camp Haven are left to survive as a small group together until they figure out what to do. The main character, Cassie Sullivan deals with the loss of Evan Walker hearing everyone say he is gone, but still hoping he will come for her. The Infinite Sea is exactly what I had hoped the sequel of The 5th Wave would be. Rick Yancey paints an amazing image in the brain of the reader, and fills the book with tons of action and surprising twists. This incredible sequel will leave you begging for whatever comes next.