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Counterfeit son

Review by Sydney Craig on April 1, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Realistic Fiction

Alone and afraid, Cameron Miller sits in an interrogation room. Bright lights shine down on him as scary men question whether or not he is who he says he is. Of course he’s not. Who in their right mind would believe that Cameron, son of a serial killer, is Neil Lacey, a boy from a rich family that was abducted and murdered by Cameron’s father eight years ago. Cameron read all the files his father kept on the boys he killed, and decided he liked Neil the most because of his sailboats. When his father is killed, Cameron seizes his opportunity to get away. But now with the detective in his face, he wonders why he ever thought he could pass for Neil. This detective doesn’t believe him. Surely the parents of the real Neil won’t believe him either. Much to his surprise though, they do.

Follow Cameron Miller as he navigates his way through living with a family he isn’t really a part of. Counterfeit Son, a novel by Elaine M. Alphin, will have readers on the edge of their seat with every twist and turn. Can Cameron pass as Neil Lacey until he’s 18? Or will something else come to ruin his plans and reveal who he truly is? Read this book to discover the answers to these questions.