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I am the Weapon/Boy Nobody : an Unknown Assassin novel #1

Review by Libby Taylor on April 1, 2016

Categories: Fiction

Boy Nobody, a novel by Allen Zadoff, is an action packed, suspenseful story about a boy, that has an unanimous identification because it is constantly changing. All we know about the main character is about the system he is forcibly involved in and that his parents are deceased resulting from a murder. We know that he is mature enough to be by himself because he manages his own credit cards and lives alone most of the time. Although he is mature and grown up for his age he still has the weaknesses of a young man. He still longs for the love of a family and friends. The book begins by introducing a boy who is entered into “The Program”. The Program is a system of boys with dead parents, who have been killed by The Program, that go to different states and cities, get closely acquainted with the target’s son or daughter, then eliminate the target. The main character of the novel is a young boy in high school who, at the beginning, got acquainted with another boy he played baseball with and managed to cleanly kill his father and get out before anyone could suspect it was him. But his next assignment, identified as Ben or Benjamin, was really tricky and there were many distractions preventing him from completing his task. Ben has never had a normal life; he never had the option of one. So when Ben got familiarized with a girl, Sam the mayor’s daughter, he notices how much of a normal life everyone has at his new school. Falling in love, creating new friends, making mistakes. Was this assignment meant to be this way? a test? a test to see if Ben was qualified for the job? When the main target of his assignment changes Ben has to make a decision. He contemplates whether he should forget all about the memories that brings up during this assignment and such terminate the new subject? Or should Ben look into this new subject switch? This book is recommend to anyone that enjoys reading books that is interested in suspense and drama. Also it’s recommend this book to teens that like to read about characters that might relate to the reader.