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Jason & Kyra

Review by Chloe Scales on March 31, 2016

Categories: Fiction

Jason & Kyra is another cliché story about two teens falling in love. The book did have some good parts to it but it’s probably something you have seen or read before. The two main characters are Jason Vincent and Kyra Evans. Jason is one of the most popular guy in school and is the star of the basketball team. Kyra is an intellect she is always making goods, she also doesn’t even care what people think of her. Jason and Kyra are two teenagers that fall in love but “shouldn’t” be together, because Jason is popular and Kyra is into school. Jason and Kyra have their different groups and they don’t even cross each other’s minds. But one day they get assigned to do a paper together for English. When they started working together Kyra find out that Jason isn’t a mindless jock. Jason starts seeing Kyra in a way he never thought he would. As they are working on the paper they become close to each other and are growing a bond. They realize that they are both in love with each other. They become even closer to one another and their relationship is going really fast. They experience problems with their relationship. The two of them not being together makes it worse so maybe they should just try to conquer their challenges. Anyone who reads this book will probably be able to guess the outcome of the story. The book did have some unexpected parts but nothing that hasn’t been said already. This is the author Dana Davidson first book she wrote for young adults. The author did well with this book. Maybe for her first young adult she wanted to write about two teenagers from different worlds falling in love. This book should be recommended to everyone but especially to the people that like reading about teenagers falling in love and trying to figure out problems along the way. Jason and Kyra play the roles of the cliché high school love story in this book. They find out they love each other and realize that maybe they shouldn’t be together but when they’re not together they can’t stop thinking about each other.