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Saving Zoe

Review by Sophie Yates on February 17, 2016

Categories: Fiction

Famous author Alyson Noel has written many powerful books before, although her past books have been on the lighter side, Saving Zoe takes a more serious tone. If you're someone who is into suspense and heartbreak, Saving Zoe is the book to read. This book is perfect for the teenage audience and will capture you right away. The novel is about a young girl named Echo who tries to uncover the horrible mystery of her sister Zoe's murder. Compelling and realistic Noel’s novel is told through the diaries of the two young girls.
Readers will not be disappointed. Saving Zoe is an easy read and a definite page turner. This novel is a perfect balance between heartbreak and humor. The novel teaches readers that anyone can bond with someone even after they are gone. It will also make readers appreciate the time they have with the people they love.
Saving Zoe is truly captivating and inspiring. Readers will not regret picking this book up, and will most likely even recommend it to others. For a short, but brilliant and intriguing read, Saving Zoe is the perfect book.