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Review by Theo Merback on February 16, 2016

Categories: Fantasy

Book Review: The Silmarillion
As The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit captivated audiences everywhere, Tolkien’s first book ever made, and the last one ever full published, The Silmarillion, acts as a solid book explaining the Lore and the mystery behind middle earth. The entirety of the book serves basically to explain the history that backs the magnificent stories, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Its starts off with the birth of middle earth, then going into the First age and then on to the third age. It also gives significant meaning to both of Tolkien’s famous stories, it gives it a strong backbone of historical context, presents layered and fascinating mythology and makes the characters that were so wonderful in his previous books that much more important. The bottom line being that the lore if fascinating, and it doesn’t take too long to become quite immersed in the book even if you aren’t familiar with his other two books. However the book is not without its flaws, Tolkien’s writing is prone to Run-ons and lengthy sentences which acts as his trademark. Some may be able to adapt to it quite easily but others might have a hard time adjusting. Also it being quite rich in history and lore, mixed with Tolkien’s writing style, that profusion of components can make be like reading the bible. But overall its stands as an exceptional book despite miniscule discrepancies.
4 out of 5