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Review by Ashlan Johnson on February 12, 2016

Categories: Fiction

This book is all about Confession. From the bad things you did when you were a kid, to the great things you have done as an adult. Except they’re all described by paintings. You write a confession, put it in a box, and a few months later it comes out as a painting. It all started when Auburn Reed didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. No job, no family, living with a stranger in a new state. It was all new, but that’s what she needed. As she walked down the sidewalk looking for a part time job, she saw a sign in a window. HELP WANTED. APPLY INSIDE. When she walked in, there was Owen Gentry standing in the doorway, covered in paint. She was scared, but decided to help anyway. She learned that the job was help sell the paintings for the night. Two hours, and she gets two-hundred dollars. But as she works throughout the night, she starts to feel things for Owen. But she realizes right away, that would complicate things way too much. Worst part about it is, Owen starts feeling the same way. They both have confessions that they need to own up to, and learn about them all throughout the book.
This book was exciting and different from others. A lot of parts we’re unexpected, and shocking. But that’s what was so great about it. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys paintings, and confessions. The book shows how your relationships with family, or people you love can never be broken. But people will always have a special bond with their loved ones.