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The longest ride

Review by Libby Taylor on February 12, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Romance, Realistic Fiction

The Longest Ride, a novel written by a well-known romantic writer, Nicholas Sparks, is about a college girl, Sophia, and a bull rider, Luke, that fall in love in the midst of another love story. The book changes perspective by each chapter; Luke and Sophia’s story is told from present to future but the other love story, Ira and Ruth, is told from the past to present and you get to read about how they fall in love. In the beginning Luke and Sophia find Ira in a crash and he tells them the story of his love for his dearest Ruth. The author keeps you on edge wondering if Luke and Sophia and Ira and Ruth make it work. He makes you question if their love is strong enough to survive obstacles life throws at them. There are many incidents where it seems as though Sophia and Luke are just going to give up and walk away but they always find a way to make it work. The central conflict revolves around the fact if Luke is going to quit bull riding while if Sophia is going to move to New York and if they’ll be separated. Then there’s a second conflict between Ira and Ruth questioning whether they will stay together or not.The Longest Ride is a two in one that when the two love stories meet you see the similarities and Nicholas Sparks uses them to make the reader think about choices in their life and in the characters lives. Sophia and Luke come from completely different backgrounds; Sophia is a college student that really hasn’t had much fun, she’s been studying hard in school, and Luke is a bull rider that travels around, and rides to get money to save his mother’s and his ranch. Those who enjoy reading books that come from different perspectives, romantic fiction, and tear jerkers are highly suggested to read this book. Anyone that has read other books by Nicholas Sparks, and enjoyed them, would enjoy this book by him as well.