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The hunt for Red October : a Jack Ryan book, #3

Review by Andrey Ruegsegger on February 11, 2016

Categories: Fiction, Mystery, Realistic Fiction

Year: 1984. Location: Classified, North Atlantic. Mission: If it should be accepted, would be to make contact with a stray Soviet Nuclear Missile Submarine. This is all the information Jack Ryan, a new CIA recruit, is given at the beginning of The Hunt for Red October, by Tom Clancy. This spy novel has mystery, science, and action packed into it, and it uniquely presents two points of view that alternate from the Soviet side to American side.

Throughout the novel, Tom Clancy brings the science fact into fiction, detailing nearly every statistic and piece of information on all of the ships and people. From the explanation of physics acting on hulls to the amount of payload on a nuclear missile, this book is heavy entertainment with a touch of humor. Taking the nerd out of science, however, many characters, from Captain Marko Ramius, onboard the Soviet Submarine, to the Admiral in charge of the United Navy of Britain and America, have the intellect, but also the wits and courage, to make the information seem relevant.

While being taught a lesson in thermodynamics and aeronautical engineering, one is faced with the silent battle being fought over the stray submarine, Red October, between the Soviet Union and the United States. A political thriller mixed with spy novel, one can quickly be enveloped in the tense relationship, the ability to see both sides allowing one to form their own opinions, which will be rocked by plot twist after plot twist. If this sounds appealing, then the book, the start of an 11 book series featuring Jack Ryan, is a definite must-read.