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Reading Lists

  • Books of the Mural

    Here are some of the books depicted in the mural in the BHSN library!

  • International Month of Peace (August)

    A sampling of books celebrating peace. Included are books about inner peace, peaceful protests, champions of peace, and more.

  • Novels in verse

    A novel in verse is a book whose story is told through poems. Try one today!

  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

    A collection of books celebrating Hispanic Heritage, including novels, memoirs, non-fiction, Hispanic authors, and more. Don't forget to check out our Spanish language materials in the 463.21 area.

  • Poetry

    This collection is of fine words composed to form poetry, shared by the world. Dive into this world where people relay thoughts, emotions, feelings, and etc... for the embellishment of this cruel worl

  • Mythology

    Want to learn more about what ancient civilizations worshiped and believed in? This list is has books about them and their rituals to incorporating the mythology into the real world in a fantasy setti

  • Cults

    Cults may seem like weird hippie groups to you, but they’re much easier to get pulled into than you think. Read the stories of cult survivors throughout history. Trigger Warning: Many of these books w

  • Board on a rainy day?

    A look at many games where these books teach you how to play or their history .

  • A Fine Look at Art

    A series of books that dive into the all aspects of fine art. Anything from how to make it tot he history can be found between their covers.

  • Everything out of this World

    Get your fill on non-fiction and fiction topics about astronomy, aliens, UFOs, space, and everything extraterrestrial.

  • Swashbuckling Pirating

    Want to learn about the true history of pirates? These books go into how to be a pirate, debunking pirate myths, and how to hide your treasure where x-marks the spot.

  • The Mafia

    Dive into the history of America’s crime ring and fiction mafia stories. Get your fill of non-fiction and fiction books and manga about crime and the mob.

  • Filmmaking 101

    Filmmaking has been around for over a century, and we’ve seen its effects throughout the world. Writers, directors, and literary analysts come together to give some background into all that goes into

  • Horror Fiction

    This collection sends a shiver down your spine and keeps you awake at night but you can't stop...
    It captivates your every sense against your will. The raw emotions are limitless!

  • Influential Black Americans

    Looking for books about about Black History Month or the history of race in America? Look no further than this list by or about powerful African Americans.
    Updated 2020-21

  • Strong Girls - Strong Women

    A collection of fiction with strong female characters.
    Updated 2020-21

  • Memories - Everyone Has A Story

    Be inspired by others - read a memoir, biography, or autobiography.
    Updated 2020-21

  • Killer Crime Nonfiction

    Frighten yourself with true tales of serial killers, corruption, and murder! Updated 2020-21

  • Trans 101

    A collection of books for trans students and those looking to be positive allies for the transgender community.
    Updated 2020-2021

  • LGBTQ+ Resources

    A compilation of non-fiction books focused on uncovering and explaining what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community.
    Updated 2020-2021

  • Native American Heritage Month

    A collection of books exploring and celebrating Native American heritage in the United States.
    Updated 2020-21

  • Rosie Books 2020-21

    Join the ultimate group read with other teens in the state by working your way through the 2020-21 Rosie Book list! Updated 2020-21.

  • Before They Were Films...

    ...they were BOOKS! Read the stories that inspired some of your favorite movies and TV shows. Includes new releases and films that you might not realize started as books.
    Updated 2020-21

  • Censorship is a dead end. Find your FREEDOM to READ.

    Celebrate Banned Books Week all year long! Check out one of many challenged and banned books from across the U.S. This list includes titles owned by the BHSN Library.
    Updated 2020-2021

  • High Interest Books for Reluctant Readers

    This list features high interest/ lower lexile books for reluctant readers.
    Updated 2020-2021