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Reading Lists

  • High Interest Books for Students Who Don't Like to Read!

    This list features shorter, easier to read books that explore themes and interests of high school students who really don't reading much!

  • If you like Rick Riordan Books

    If you like books by best-selling author Rick Riordan, try a book or two from this list! This list includes books with action, myth and many of the qualities that make Rick and his books so popular.

  • LGBTQ+ Resources

    A compilation of non-fiction books focused on uncovering and explaining what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community.
    (Updated November 2018)

  • Trans 101

    A collection of books for trans students and those looking to be positive allies for the transgender community.
    (Updated October 2018)

  • Teen Read Week 2018 It's Written in the Stars

    Teen Read Week 2018 "It's Written in the Stars: Read" theme is celebrated with this list and supports one of three Teen Read Week tutorials: Star Wars Reads, Aliens, Technology and Sci-Fi Lit and Astr

  • Banning Books, Silences Stories: Read a banned book.

    Celebrate Banned Books Week all year long!
    Check out one of many challenged and banned books from across the U.S. This list includes titles owned by the BHSN Library. Learn more about challenged and b

  • Before They Were Films...

    ...they were BOOKS! Read the stories that inspired some of your favorite movies and TV shows. Includes new releases and films that you might not realize started as books.
    (Updated, September 2018)

  • Native American Heritage Month

    A collection of books exploring and celebrating Native American heritage in the United States.
    (Updated September 2018)

  • Hispanic Heritage Month

    A collection of books celebrating Hispanic Heritage, including novels, memoirs, non-fiction, and more!
    Updated September 2018

  • Horror BOOklist

    These BOOks are guaranteed to give you nightmares!
    Updated September 2018

  • #Selfie - Everyone Has A Story: Memoirs

    Be inspired by others - read a memoir!
    Complied for Teen Read Week 2017, this list provides patrons with quick access to memoirs. This list has been updated to reflect new selections since 2017.

  • Get Your Groove On and Read a Rosie!

    For over 20 years, the BHSN Library has participated in Indiana's Eliot Rosewater Award Program, or as we call it at BHSN, The Rosie Reader Program. Read at least five of the 25 titles to earn an invi

  • Influential Black Americans

    Looking for something to read for Black History Month? Look no further than this list of books by or about the powerful African Americans featured in our displays.

  • Strong Girls - Strong Women

    A collection of fiction celebrating women and girls asserting themselves - speaking their minds, standing up for themselves, and working together.

  • Feminism Is For Everybody

    Resources on feminism, emphasizing intersectionality and means of fighting oppression.

  • If You Love The Fault in Our Stars...

    If you read The Fault in Our Stars then you might like one of these fabulous books!

  • If You Love Veronica Roth...

    Already read Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant? Wondering what to read next? Try one of these titles!