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  • The war I finally wonThe war I finally won

    Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker, author.

    "As the frightening impact of World War II creeps closer and closer to her door, eleven-year-old Ada learns to manage life on the home front"--

  • FocusedFocused

    Gerber, Alyson, author.

    Twelve-year-old Clea wants to do her homework, follow instructions, pay attention in school, and play chess on the school team, but somehow she cannot focus on whatever is in front of her, and the other kids at school are starting to notice and make fun of her; when her worried parents take her to be tested she finds out that she has ADHD (only without the hyperactivity)--and with help from the psychiatrist who seems to really understand her she is determined to learn how to focus.

  • Frosted kissesFrosted kisses

    Hepler, Heather, author.

    After her parents' separation Penny and her mother moved from New York City to upstate Hog's Hollow--now, six months later, Penny is still coping with the dynamics of her new situation, including possible boy friends, enemies at school, and getting swept up in her best friend Tally's campaign to raise money to save the local animal shelter.

  • Halo: The fall of ReachHalo: The fall of Reach

    Nylund, Eric S.

    The Covenant, forging ahead with its plan to wipe out humankind, has arrived on Reach, the last military fortress to defy the alien onslaught, where it comes face to face with the SPARTANs, a team of bioengineered warriors that will never surrender.

  • Harry Potter and the cursed childHarry Potter and the cursed child : parts one and two

    Thorne, Jack, author.

    Harry Potter, now an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic and father of three, watches as his youngest son struggles with the family legacy. But together they must face the fact that sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places.

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