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  • Frankenstein, or, The modern prometheusFrankenstein, or, The modern prometheus

    Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851.

    Victor Frankenstein discovers the secret of creating life and fashions an eight-foot monster, only to bring danger and destruction to the lives of those he loves.

  • BangBang : a novel

    Lyga, Barry.

    A new friend and their YouTube cooking channel help fourteen-year-old Sebastian move on from accidentally shooting his infant sister ten years earlier.

  • Blood familyBlood family

    Fine, Anne.

    A boy with an abusive father grows up and fears that he has the same potential for violence as his father has.

  • Bone JackBone Jack

    Crowe, Sara.

    Ash Tyler hopes to make his psychologically scarred father proud by training for his town's Stag Chase, but when he meets the mysterious Bone Jack, dark energies take root and the world as he knows it is upended.

  • DragonwatchDragonwatch

    Mull, Brandon, 1974-

    Because Dragonwatch, an ancient group of wizards, enchantresses, and dragon slayers, is crumbling, an uprising of dragons threatens to destroy the magical preserves as well as overrun the nonmagical world.

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